JPS Training Program

At Joey Pedroni Stables, we pride ourselves on creating an individualized program for both horse and rider that promotes a happy and successful partnership. Each horse and each rider are different, and we value those unique qualities and strive to nurture and grow them.  Every horse has a comprehensive program, from turn-out, to tack, to farrier, and everything in between to create the best situation for every one of our clients - two and four legged alike.  We believe true horsemanship is the most important part of a succesful riding career, and  no matter what your goals and aspirations, we'll help you get there. 

Joey Pedroni Stables Full Training and Board Package Includes:

  • 3 Lessons per week

    • ​1 Flatwork lesson & 2 Jumping lessons

  • 2-3 Professional rides or Training sessions per week

  • One-on-one time with trainers regarding horse care and individual needs

  • Daily turnout

  • Grass pasture turnout

  • Full grooming

  • Blanketing twice daily when applicable

  • Grain and supplements dispensed daily

  • Medication administered when needed

  • Integrated schedule for farrier/vetrinarian/body work

  • Alternative therapies (heat, ice, cold hose etc.) applied when needed

  • Laundry done on site

    • ​Blankets sent out for cleaning, scheduled at staff discretion

  • Coat, mane, tail, and show aesthetic maintenance

  • Hand-walking, longeing performed as needed

  • Recording numbers on hand for painless show entry

  • Trails with terrain on site for relaxation or fitness

  • Heated office with internet access, printer, and fax machine

  • 12 x 12 matted, fully bedded stalls with individual paddocks

  • Stalls cleaned daily

  • High quality hay fed 3 times per day

  • Indoor, lighted arena with performance ready sand footing and spectator viewing area

  • Outdoor, lighted arena with top quality all weather footing and spectator viewing area