Joey Pedroni Stables Team

Joey Pedroni


Joey’s lifelong love for horses and teaching led her to start Joey Pedroni Stables in 2007 with the goal of creating a competitive yet friendly environment for horse and rider.  Her interest in developing a show barn comes from her longtime passion for competitive riding. 


Joey started riding at the age of three and initially competed in dressage and eventing, training with Olympic dressage rider, Sidley Payne.  Joey then transitioned to competing successfully in the hunter, jumper and equitation show rings, riding with several top-level Northern California trainers.


After turning professional she concentrated on riding her horse Peerfekt at the Grand Prix level.  Joey’s primary focus however is teaching others how to ride, compete and achieve their equestrian goals --  while helping to develop a strong bond between horse and rider.


With her broad-based experience in all disciplines of riding, Joey is able to develop competitive riders in the hunter, jumper and equitation rings. Joeys approach to teaching emphasizes the classic fundamentals of horsemanship, developing competent, confident, competitive and safe riders.

Mika Gretton

Mika 1.jpg

Mika started riding at age 5 and has been hooked ever since.  She grew up riding in Northern California, competing in jumpers, hunters, and medals all from an early age.  Even as a youngster, Mika knew she wanted to be a trainer, so she began catch riding at horse shows to hone her skills and learn more about horsemanship.  She rode for many different trainers in the area, picking up as many rides as possible, and teaching her invaluable skills about how to learn about and bring out the best in each horse.  At the young age of 16, she traveled to the east cost to be a working student for Cynthia Hankins, riding and showing sales horses for her elite show program.

Knowing she wanted to be a trainer, Mika rode with and took clinics from a variety of different professionals all across the country.  She has ridden with the likes of Charles de Kunffy in dressage, Jimmy Wolford in cross country, and George Morris in equitation.  With such a diverse knowledge base, Mika brings a number of different skills to both her riding and teaching.

Mika began her professional career as an assistant trainer at age 21.  She’s trained young horses from the baby green level to winning derby competitors, and has also brought young jumpers up through the ranks as well, competing herself up to the higher levels in the jumper ring.  After earning a teaching credential, Mika took a break from the horse world to teach elementary school for 5 years, where she developed the teaching skills to guide students of all ages to be their best competitor and rider. 

She came back to the sport after 5 years teaching in a classroom so she could combine her love of teaching and her love of horses and riding.  Mika is thrilled to be a part of the Joey Pedroni Stables team and to help bring out the best in all of the JPS horses and riders!

Erin Garnett


Erin Garnett’s love for horses began during her first riding lesson at the age of 8. Soon-thereafter Erin dedicated herself to learning all of the aspects of horse care, horsemanship, and the hunter/jumper discipline by becoming a “barn rat” and working student. Erin’s natural talents shined while competing as a junior on the A-circuit in Northern California. She won a multitude of Championships in the Children’s and Junior Hunters and Junior Equitation, earning numerous Year End Awards, and finishing at the top in many Medal Finals. Surrounding trainers started to notice Erin’s special abilities in the saddle at a young age and began asking her to catch ride their horses. By riding all of these different styles of horses she polished her skills and really honed-in on her craft. Throughout the years Erin has expanded her education as she has been trained by some of the most accomplished riders and trainers in the world, including Julie Winkle, Richard Spooner, Joe Fargis, Victor Hugo-Vidal, Nick Karazissis, Richard Keller, and more.


Erin has professionally trained horses and riders for more than 15 years, specializing in hunters, jumpers and equitation. As a professional rider, Erin has won multiple championships on the A-circuit in the hunter and jumper rings and has earned many top ten finishes in local Hunter Derbies. Erin’s patient but clear training methods have also helped to bring young horses up the ranks and become champions. At home, Erin works to develop each horse’s skills to make them more ridable on a daily basis for their owners as they prepare for the show ring. Erin has also been deeply involved in each horses’ daily care, from their nutrition program, to visits with the vet, shoeing, body work, and turnouts; she works diligently to help each horse perform comfortably at their best.


Erin derives great joy as an instructor. Whether she is working with a child taking their first lesson on a pony or an experienced competitor that is preparing for medal finals, Erin is known to develop confident and well-educated riders and horsewomen. On a daily basis, Erin individualizes her lessons to help students work toward gaining the skills to achieve their riding and horsemanship goals. Erin’s patient, positive, and structured teaching style is formulated to help her horses and students learn the “building blocks towards brilliance” in their lessons and in the show ring. Erin’s training style has proved to be successful as her students have had much success over the years winning numerous Circuit Championships, Year End Awards and top Medal Finals finishes.


Erin is overjoyed to be on the JPS team and help their horses and riders shine!